Friday, February 15, 2008

Happy Valentine's Day!

Chad took me out for a nice dinner at The Olive Garden on Tuesday night before Valentine's Day to celebrate. We did not want to wait until Thursday and have to fight the crowds of people. I went to work out and called him when I was finished. He normally isn't finished with practice by that time, but he answered his phone and said he wanted to take me out for a surprise Valentine's Dinner. I went straight home to take a shower and get dressed because I was so excited. He came home later with some pick roses and a very sweet card. We had such a wonderful quiet dinner full of conversation, which we have not had much of lately. I, of course, ordered chicken parmigian, which I LOVE, and ate way too much salad and too many breadsticks. It was so nice!

Here are my roses:On Valentine's Day we decided to have a nice quiet night at home. We made pizza on french bread and watched Survivor, one of our favorite shows. It was even more exciting because we got to watch it with surround sound, which we set up the weekend before. I also made Chad some heart shaped muffins. I gave him a nice white button-down shirt, red tie, and black suit pants to go with his suit jacket I bought him for Christmas. Now he has an entire black suit! Hopefully he will get a chance to wear it soon.
Heart-shaped muffins:

Happy Valentine's Day!


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