Monday, February 4, 2008

Getting Old

Chad and I decided we are getting too old to stay up late. We got back from the track meet about midnight on Saturday night and could barely keep our eyes open. I think I was worse than him.

We left on Friday to drive to Nashville with some of the athletes that had to compete early Saturday morning. Chad drove a 15-passenger van and there were 14 of us in it with all our luggage and barely any luggage room. We were pretty packed and I can say I was very glad to be the coach's wife at that time because I got the front seat. I did feel a little bad, but I think I have earned that privilege and REALLY did not want to give it up. I felt better the next day when I talked to Mrs. McWaters (the head coach's wife) and she said she would have done the same thing.

We arrived at the hotel in Nashville about 9:30 pm, had a brief team meeting, and went to sleep because we had to wake up at 5:30am the next morning.

The meet got off to a slow start with just the 1600 M. and some field events starting that morning. After a few hours many other teams began arriving including the rest of the Samford team that left Birmingham on a bus that morning at 6:30 am. I kept busy with brief moments of rest in between Chad asking me to do some "favors" for him. I like to refer to them as "duties", I mean can I really say no?!?

We left the arena about 8:00 pm to drive to the other side of Nashville for dinner. After dinner at Atlanta Bread Company and a little ice cream at Maggie Moo's (Cinnamoo Bun...YUM), we began our trek home in the van with only 6 athletes since some of them decided to ride back on the bus. It was alot more pleasant since we weren't as crowded.

The drive back was pretty rough, I could have been asleep in 2 seconds except for the fact that I did not bring my pillow and I was trying to be a good wife and keep Chad from getting tired. So, I talked to Chad as much as possible and kept looking over at him every 5 seconds to make sure his eyes were open. We finally made it back to Samford to drop the athletes off, got my car, returned the van, and zoomed home as fast as possible to get in bed. Needless to say, we slept really hard that night because it was a LONG day!

On Sunday we each took a nap to finish recuperating from the long day on Saturday. I just don't see how Chad does it every weekend. Luckily, for most of the track trips they take a bus so he doesn't have to drive and can sleep on the way home. Overall, it was a fun trip, but I think I will have to choose just a few meets to go to each season.


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diane said...

Hi Tara,

I found your blog through Suzanne's blog. How are you? I know this is several months late, but congratulations on your marriage.