Saturday, May 30, 2009


did I wake up so early on my first day of summer? That is so frustrating to me sometimes, but at least I can take a nap later if I want. I woke up at 7:15 this morning, which is my first day of summer. I know this is not early for some of you that have children, but it is early for me when I want to sleep in, and I didn't go to bed that early last night.

It has been a while since I posted, so there is alot to tell about:

1. It's SUMMER! Yea! This is always such a great time for us because both of our schedules allow us to spend lots of time together in the summer and it's so great for our relationship. Plus, we are both in very good moods all the time because we are not stressed out from work. While we have a very busy schedule already this summer, all the things we have planned are fun things that we choose to do and don't have to do. As I've said before, we will be going to Costa Rica this summer! We will also be going to Hilton Head for a week with Chad's family, meeting our niece and nephew for the first time, running the Peachtree Road Race with my mom, and having several visitors throughout the summer.

2. My Memaw passed away on April 24th, 2009. The entire family was there for her funeral and it was so good for us to all be together to honor her and celebrate her life. While we were all there we got to take some of her sewing items since we were all together to divide it up. My sister and I are sharing her sewing/embroidery machine and I got to take it home for now since Teah has her hands full with being a new mom. It is so special to me to have some things that belong to her and I know she would be so happy that my sister and I enjoy sewing. Hopefully, I will come to love it as much as she did and be even half a talented as she was.

3. Chad lost his job at Samford a few weeks ago. The new Head Coach, who has been there for about a year, decided he wanted to start over with all his "own" coaching staff. So, he let all 3 of his assistants go. Chad is taking it pretty well considering he LOVED coaching at Samford and he probably would have stayed there forever if he could have. He is now looking at his options. We know that God has a plan for his career and it does not include Samford at this time. Please pray that God would provide something that Chad would love just as much, but would also allow him to spend more time at home and get rewarded finacially for all his experience, certifications, and hard work.

Those are our big updates since the last post. I am hostessing a baby shower tomorrow so today I will spend most of my time planning for it and making sure we have everything we need. I do have to go back to school on Tuesday for a teacher workday, but that is no big deal. I already have all my work done so it will be an easy day. Chad is at the Regional Track Meet this weekend and will not be back until Sunday evening. This is his last track meet at Samford, he has 1 athlete competing so he wanted to go support him. Please continue to pray for him in his job search.