Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Anniversary Trip to Gatlinburg

We went to Gatlinburg, Tennessee June 21st-24th to celebrate our one year aniversary. It was so good to get away, especially after having a rough last few months. Since we have not gotten to spend much quality time together lately, we needed this time to get away and just be together with no distractions. We had such a wonderful and relaxing time and it was definitely worth it! I know Chad is having a good time and is stress-free when he gets silly and he was very silly the entire trip. He needed to get away and not have to think about work for a while.

Gatlinburg is such a quaint little town and has some cute shops! We spent lots of time walking down the main strip and eating at several yummy restaurants there. Our cabin was perfect for just the 2 of us. It had a beautiful view, a hot tub on the balcony, and a pool table (let's just say that Chad was pretty impressed with my skills and he needs to practice alot before he plays me again). We tried to spend as much time there as possible so we could relax and enjoy the surroundings. One day we spent about 5 hours at Ober Gatlinburg and were able to do the Scenic Chair Lift, Alpine Slide (which I remember doing when I was a kid and was VERY excited to do again), bumper cars, and 2 different water rides. On our anniversary we went on a hike in the Smoky Mountains and got some beautiful pictures of the views. Here are some pictures of our trip. Sorry there are so many, I couldn't just pick a few.

Our little one-bedroom cabin.
The view from our cabin.
We ate at the Bubba Gump Shrimp Company one night.
Hiking in the Smokies.
Alum Cave Trail in the Smoky Mountains.
A beatiful view of the Smokies.
Another pretty view.
Wow! I think we'll have to hang this one in our house.
Riding on the Scenic Chair Lift.
The Alpine Slide.
Chad loved this ride!
He talked me into riding this one and promised I wouldn't get wet.
Wet Tara after riding the water ride.


Jan said...

tara, i'm laughing out loud right now! that's the funniest "mad tara" picture i've ever seen!

The James Family said...

That last picture is HILARIOUS! Wow, it looks like y'all had such a good trip. what beautiful views! I'm so happy you two were able to take a fun anniversary trip.

Ashley said...

Hey Tara! I just found your blog, and I have loved reading about your life. John and I went to Gatlinburg last year-it was my favorite vacation I have ever been on. I have to agree with the other comments; that last picture is hilarious!

Jan said...

tara, i'm looking at your picture again and laughing out loud AGAIN! it's the funniest picture of you that i've ever seen! you're so ticked!