Tuesday, April 15, 2008

The Biggest Loser

I'm sitting here watching The Biggest Loser Season Finale. They are so inspiring! I have never been able to watch a whole season until this year. Now I can't skip a week because I'm so addicted to it. They are amazing and look SO good.

Life has been a little crazy lately. Chad has been in charge of the track team all by himself for the last month and a half so I have been helping him as much as I can by helping him with office work, going to the track meets, doing pretty much everything around the house, and making sure he is eating and getting some rest (as much as possible). I just have one question...why is our grass growing like crazy when I am in charge of cutting it. I am just beginning to learn about gardening and taking care of the lawn, but I don't think this is normal. We have been getting ALOT of rain lately, but no one else has grass that is growing out of control.

Last Thursday Chad took 4 athletes to Knoxville for a track meet and was supposed to be back late Friday night to take another group of runners to Ole Miss on Saturday morning. Some bad weather came across the area and they postponed 4 of the races until Saturday, so that left me to take the athletes to Ole Miss by myself. Luckily, Chad has two former athletes helping him out right now and they were able to come with me. I woke up at 4:15am on Saturday!!! We left about 5:45 with me driving a 15-passenger van! Yes, that is right! I drove one a few weeks ago, but that meet was only about 45 minutes away. We did not get home until almost 12:00 that night, so it was a very long day. On Sunday I took a really long nap and somewhat recuperated. I just don't know how Chad does it every weekend.

This weekend they are running at Georgia on Saturday. They are leaving on Friday afternoon and I have the day off, so I will go with them. We are taking a bus, so it will be a little easier. They do not run the next weekend, but a recruit may be coming into town. The weekend after that is Conference in Missouri. I will take off Thursday and Friday to go with them. After that, things will calm down a bit.

By the way, we finished our Crown Financial Ministries class. I started keeping very accurate records of our budget on our laptop and then it crashed a few weeks ago!! We lost everything including our taxes, which I had already done, but not filed yet. How frustrating!

The computer is now fixed and I got our taxes redone and filed last week.

We only have 5 more weeks of school until summer and I can't wait.

Through all of the business and difficult times, God continues to draw us closer to each other and give us strength when we don't have any left. We are learning to be content in all circumstances and fully trust in Him.



Matt and Alice said...

Ya'll sound so busy! I am sure that you both are doing a great job with all that you have on your plate!

The James Family said...

Wow! It does sound incredibly busy! I can't imagine working all week and then having to be busy all weekend. I bet the summer will be a very welcome break for both of you. I love The Biggest Loser too. I think it is cute that you like it...someone as tiny as you. :)


Jan said...

hey sweet tara! thanks for your comment on my blog. i didn't realize that you had a blog so i'm glad to finally catch up with you guys! things are certainly a bit crazy on the weekends for you! i laughed out loud thinking about you driving a huge van! you're one of the best drivers i know, but a BIG VAN! so not fitting for tara!

Anonymous said...

Tara!! Glad to hear (read) that you are enjoying married life.
Sam and I love 'The Biggest Loser" too. And, I was happy with the results this season. Although, I liked both of the final 2 and would have been happy either way. But, Go Allie!
Stay in touch girl.