Friday, March 21, 2008

Spring Break

Chad and I were both on spring break this past week. It was much needed and at just the right time. Although Chad still had to work throughout the week, we were able to get alot of work done around the house and manage to relax some, sleep alot (OK, I did this more than Chad), and spend some quality time together before the athletes come back and track meets start up again. In the beginning of the week my mom and Roland came to visit. We ran some errands on Saturday while Chad was at a track meet. On Sunday we took them to church, went shopping a little, and prepped the kitchen for painting. Yes, I said painting! On Monday we painted the kitchen a beautiful green color. They left on Tuesday morning and Chad and I painted our "sitting room" which we are turning into our study. I could not have gotten that much done without mom and Rolands help! Thanks! Here are some before and after pictures:

The kitchen before painting. Check out the lovely diamond pattern. While someone spent alot of time on it, it was just not us!

Another picture of the kitchen before painting. The eat-in kitchen area is a gold/tan color if you can't tell.

This is our "sitting room" before painting. As you can see it is a lovely DARK burgandy. While it might be nice for an A&M fan, it was not for us and much too dark for that small of a room.

Mom an I are painting a coat of Kilz on the sitting room walls before painting them.

Chad decided he would help us. He is taping the walls up before painting.

The "sitting room" with a coat of Kilz on the walls. A work in progress.

Here is the kitchen after painting, but still a mess. Looks much better!

The final product in the kitchen-a dark sage green.
The eat-in kitchen. How lovely!

The sitting room. It is a little lighter than the kitchen, but you cannot tell here. Now we notice other changes that we need to make because of the beautiful wall color. We'll start with the couch, it has to go! We will turn this room into our study and are currently looking for a black desk to go in it's place. That beautiful plant and lamp need to go too!

Wow! What a difference. Now we just need to find another place for the exercise ball.

While the painting really lasted until Friday after we did all the touch-ups and got everything picked up and put back in place, it was well worth it to see the difference it made.

The rest of the week was filled with doing taxes, running errands, going to doctor's appointments, and working (for Chad). Chad's parents are coming into town tomorrow and we are planning on cleaning our siding and pressure washing while they are here. Look for that update soon! I will try to take lots of pictures.



Suzanne said...

The kitchen and the study/sitting room look great!! I love the green. I'm glad you got some rest and lots of things accomplished on your spring break. Your house really looks great! I miss you :)

KayeRodriguez said...

I love the new look of the kitchen and study especially with everything back in its place. Roland and I had a great time helping you paint and we look forward to our next project with you guys. Love ya! ~Mom

The Kings said...

Tara, this is Maddy. Teah's friend and now mother of the twins. I love the pictures of your house. Congrats on your wedding!!!!!