Thursday, October 23, 2008

Fall is Here!

I just love the fall weather and colors. I bought mums a few weeks ago for our front porch. My mom advised me to get some that had not bloomed yet so they would last through the fall. I tried to chose the best one from the selection at Home Depot, but they are already dying and I'm so sad! I may just have to buy some more because they are so beautiful. I also bought our Halloween candy to give out at our house, which was a BIG mistake. I even tried to hide it from Chad so he would not get upset with me for buying it and then not having willpower not to eat it. Well, that didn't last long because he found it and every time he eats a piece I HAVE to eat a piece. It was in the low 60's today in Birmingham and so nice! I hope this weather stays around. It sure it helping out our power bill.


Jan said...

memphis weather wasn't helping my power bill today. we had nothing but soaking rain and cold today. it may be in bham tomorrow.

sorry to hear about your mums. i'm impressed that you're trying though! i knew that i'd kill them, so i didn't purchase any!

and i opened our halloween candy today. bad idea! we're eating skittles and laffy taffy right now!

Matt and Alice said...

That is the whole reason that I haven't bought any yet! (the key word there is YET...)